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Maui living wedding, family, and water photographer.  

A native of the east coast, Fiona Mullen has a love for the blistery winters of the Northeast to the tropics of Hawaii.  

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Fiona sees life from a fresh perspective – from behind the lens and completely immersed in the ocean. Wintertime on the New Jersey coastline is where she thrives. The blistery nor'easters and snowstorms don't draw crowds to the beach, but for Fiona, the waves, light and composition are perfect. She peels on her five millimeter wetsuit, booties and gloves, walks across the snow covered sand dunes and swims out through the near freezing waves with her camera in hand.

For six years, she has been photographing and publishing these scenes. At just 22, she's already accrued a number of international awards and she is recognized in the the surf world for her eye and technical skills. These skills and her hunger to explore have lead her around the world; Indonesia, Australia, New Zealand, Samoa, Hawaii, California, British Columbia, the Caribbean, Iceland and beyond. She recently graduated with a bachelor's degree in Public Relations and Journalism from Monmouth University this past May. Fiona hopes to continue to make her mark in the world by combining her professional drive and creative flair.  


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